Saturday—October 27th

Our first FAITH CHURCH mini-conference. 

How does the Gospel affect each and every day? How we work, how we parent, how we learn and grow, how we speak, and what we speak about? Sessions to grow in your understanding of the Gospel and how to apply it to specific areas of your life.


Teaching Spiritual Disciplines For the Love of Knowing God (Donna)

Learn how to create and foster a family environment where a hunger for spiritual disciplines thrives.

Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Conversations (Jay)

We know we are supposed to share the gospel. Why, then does it happen so infrequently? Is it possible to share the gospel on a daily basis in a way that glorifies God, is helpful to others, and a source of great joy for you? 

Faith At Work (Archer)

Grind or gift, bleak or blessed, dead-end or dead-on? What is my work for and where is it leading?

Learning For a Gospel Purpose (Maxx)

Maxx will talk about his journey from from being a “learning disabled student” to passionately using reading and learning to grow in his relationship with God. Hear what helped him grow his relationship with Jesus.

How to Think About Social Media (Kristof)

Social media has become a staple tool used by many to consume information and engage in culture. How should the Gospel shape the way we consume and engage with it?

Encouraging One Another in the Gospel (Robbie)

Often we can find it difficult to know how to encourage, counsel, or lovingly correct those we care about. How can we have a clearer idea of when to speak, and what to say to really help?