Serving locally and GLobally

Pray FOR our missionaries!

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Local and Global Missions

Below is the list of missionaries and ministries that we support locally, across the country, and around the world.

  • Fran & Lori Derocher

    Fran and Lori Derocher are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship, returning to MAF after working with a relief and development organization in Southeast Asia. Prior to their work in Southeast Asia, they served with MAF in Africa for over 20 years. They look forward to rejoining the MAF family as they bring their extensive and varied field experience into their roles to mentor and train the next generation preparing to serve in MAF. To learn more, or find out how to support them, CLICK HERE .


    Tiffany is making disciples with Inner City Impact in Chicago, whose mission is to present the living Christ, primarily to the unchurched, inner city children and youth, to disciple them and integrate them into a local church. If you would like to support Tiffany directly, or receive updates to pray for her more specifically, CLICK HERE.

  • Robbie & Stacey Halleen

    Robbie is serving in Colorado as a pastor to missionaries. The Halleens are providing shepherding care to missionaries on the field, as well as training and equipping churches to send missionaries well and provide ongoing care and support for them as they serve to the ends of the earth. 

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  • Archer Leupp

    Pray for Archer as he works to grow the Gospel influence in our law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin, the U.P. and neighboring states. As he serves local law-enforcement, he also cooperates with agencies state-wide to develop their own chaplaincy programs, as well as working through Converge to help churches serve the law-enforcement community. 

    To find out how you can support Archer directly, CLICK HERE

  • Wilondja & Shirley Masongezi

    After decades of faithful mission work, Wilondja and Shirley Masongezi have retired! Please pray for their transition and that God would continue to bless their time and new life of ministry.

  • Tim & Amy moline

    Tim and Amy are strengthening churches by developing transformational leaders. Specifically, they impact the more than 1,000 churches of the Cameroon Baptist Convention by providing theological education at Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS). To learn more, or find out how to support them, contact us.

  • Chris & heather nadolny

    The Nadolny family is working to build teams of students who are passionate about Jesus, and seeing other students on their campus impacted by the Gospel. Pray for them as they make and train disciples to make disciples in Florida. To learn more, or find out how to support them, CLICK HERE.

  • Dan & sandy varberg

    The Varbergs work at Faith Academy, a school in South East Asia educating the children of missionaries. By serving the missionary community, the school plays a role in spreading the Gospel in Asia.